Why was my package returned?

There are multiple possible reasons:

1) Wrong or incomplete address

2) Invalid phone number

3) Unable to deliver

It this condition happens, please contact us through service@ohhohic.com with an explicit subject on the email title so we can attend it to relative customer service specialist.

If the package delievered failured, please contact with your local post office to get your package by yourself or confirm the reason why your package delievered failured (majority reason is incorrect information).

  • If you want to refund, the original freight will not be returned.
  • If you want to send it again, provide the correct address, email, and phone number to our email. 

Then we will reissue it free of charge for one time. If you fail to deliver the package again due to incorrect information, we will not be responsible.

Please note that nondelivery caused by wrong delivery address or no rely to pickup notification sent by our customer service specialist in 3 business days and other personal reasons will not be taken by Ohhofo.